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April 21, 2019 Storage Ideas

How to Build DIY Nightstand Plans

DIY nightstand can be interesting to do in building the best and useful design of bedroom side table. This article reviews step by step plans. You can turn an unused table into a stylish and useful piece of nightstand furniture. Just make sure in putting together the materials that you may need. They are small wooden table, pencil and notepad, 1×2 wood trim, tape measure, drill, wood screws, paint sprayer, porch and deck paint, floor sealer, plastic sheeting, drop cloth, extension cord, table saw, sanding pads, orbital sander and damp rag. Here are the easy instructions to follow so that able to get best quality.

Preparing workspace and then determining dimensions by choosing a well-ventilated area. You can cover floors by using drop cloths. Surround the walls by using plastic sheeting. Then measure the available floor space on both of bed side in the effort to determine both width and height necessarily of finished nightstands. Dimensions are jotted down on notepad by using pencil. Cut the table to the desired size by using table saw but first of all mark it by using pencil to get the correct size. Sanding and painting are the next steps. These are meant to remove finishes and edges that rough existing. You can simply use orbital sander with sanding pads in medium grit. Then use damp cloth to remove any sanding residue and dust.

New finish can be applied and sealed it after cleaning paint sprayer thoroughly. Then a cleat can be created by measuring the table width and transfer its dimension to 1×2 trim of wood by using pencil. Use a table saw to cut the trim to the correct size. Install cleat by leaning the table up against wall; this is where the table going to be placed. The edge of table below can be marked by using pencil where the cleat is going to be attached. You can use drill to make sure the cleat is fastened using screws into the walls. The last step is to attach table to cleat top. Use drill and wood screws to attach the table into cleat from underneath.Diy nightstand,

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